Get Healthy, Lee County

  • National Nutrition Month® Q&A
    Every day for the next month, Healthy Lee will be receiving a nutrition question every other day for you to look for the answer the next day! Take part in this fun way to "Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle" sponsored by Lee County Department of Health. more
  • Fit in fruit and veggies
    The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages families to serve children at least five fruits and vegetables daily. It’s not always easy, so we’ve got tips and recipes to help you sneak those fruits and veggies in! more
  • Attendance doubled at 2014 Streets Alive People at Play
    2015's date will soon be announced - mark your calendar then and participate in the fun of car free streets in down town Fort Myers. The streets become a course for human-powered travel lined with activities ranging from hula hoops to meditative walks. All activities are FREE! Through Streets Alive, everyone, regardless of age or ability, is able to discover or rediscover activities that are fun and help them be and stay active. more
  • Adopt a Healthy Lee lifestyle
    Are you ready to Choose to participate, Commit to healthy lifestyle choices such as good nutrition and regular exercise, and Change the way you look, feel and live, for the better? Healthy Lee offers programs geared for the workplace, home, at school and in the community. We’ve got the tools you need to get started today! more
  • Staying active as you age
    While there may be no single fountain of youth, you can slow down the aging process by staying physically active. Regular exercise enhances muscle and joint function, keeps bones strong, and decreases your risk of heart attack and more
  • Play well, live well
    With some of the country’s top parks and beaches, Lee County offers the perfect landscape for outdoor activity. Check out the top spots around town for families to fit in fitness. more

The Healthy Lee Community

Good Health is Good Business

“Health and obesity are big issues,” says Robbie Roepstorff, president of Edison National Bank. Mrs. Roepstorff is also chair of Community Health Visioning 2017, a Lee Memorial Health System initiative to create coordinated community health care. Mrs. Roepstorff decided to start with her co-workers at the bank’s four locations. “We realize that our biggest asset is the people who work here,” she says. “We invested in employees because we’ve seen the results.” more