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As part of a “Prescription for a Healthier, Active Life” for children and families, the American Academy of Pediatrics to encourages these four basic components of the 5210 program:

  • Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day.
  • Limit screen time to 2 hours or less per day.
  • Get 1 hour or more of physical activity every day.
  • Drink fewer or 0 sugar-sweetened drinks.

3 S’s: Sodas, Snacks, and Sugar

Sodas and sugar are two things that do not need to be a part of your child’s diet. When it comes to nutrition and snacking, you can snack happy. It’s easy to pick up some bad habits, but there are ways to snack that aren’t bad for you.
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Snacking doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but you do need to know how to snack healthy. Eating healthy snacks throughout the day can be very beneficial. It can help you from overeating at mealtime, increase your energy level throughout the day, and keep you alert, not to mention control hunger pangs.

The best way to ensure that your snacks are healthy choices is to plan ahead so when the “snack attack” hits you won’t reach for sugar, potato chips or cookies.  The following list details some smart snack choices:


Freebies (No Calories)

Refreshing water: bottled, flavored, sugar-free, club soda, carbonated
Sugar-free sodas and lemonade
Crystal Light
Flavored teas
Sugar-free gelatin
Raw vegetables

60 Calories or Fewer (no fat)*

1 small apple                                                               60 calories
1 cup cooked non-starchy vegetables                            50 calories
2 cups raw non-starchy vegetables                                50 calories
½ banana                                                                    60 calories
¼ cantaloupe or ½ grapefruit                                         60 calories
1 cup strawberries or 10 cherries                                   60 calories
1 slice, ¾ oz. fat-free cheese                                        40 calories
½ oz (2 tbsp) regular cheese                                         50 calories
1 oz fat-free mozzarella (string cheese)                          50 calories
½ cup orange juice                                                       60 calories
½ cup tomato or V-8 juice                                             35 calories
1 small green salad w/1 tbsp fat-free dressing                 25 calories
1 small tomato                                                             25 calories
1 rice cake                                                                  35 calories
12 teddy grahams                                                         60 calories
1 cup egg-drop soup                                                      30 calories
1 bread stick (3 ½ in.)                                                    40 calories

100 Calories or Fewer

½ cup nonfat cottage cheese                                         80 calories
1 cup fat-free plain or unsweetened yogurt                      100 calories
1 cup Cheerios                                                             90 calories
3 cups unbuttered popcorn/microwave light                     75 calories
25 Air Crisp crackers                                                    80 calories
1 small new potato                                                      100 calories
1 snack-pack pudding                                                 100 calories
1 popsicle, twin pop, frozen fruit bar                              70 calories
½ cup fat-free frozen yogurt                                         100 calories
1 fudgesicle or fat-free frozen chocolate bar                   70 calories
1- ½ oz. box raisins                                                     100 calories
3 graham crackers (2 in. square each)                           80 calories 
1 cup Cheerios                                                            90 calories
38 pretzel sticks (3 ½ in. long)                                      80 calories
1 mini-bagel                                                                75 calories


Remember that while snacking is healthy, you must remember to continue to watch your total calorie intake per day in order to maintain a healthy weight.

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