Importance of Fatty Liver Blood Test

The principal duties of the liver include detoxification, production of proteins, metabolizing nutrients and medications, processing of paste from cells and hemoglobin, acting as a storage unit of vitamins, cholesterol, bile and fat. A healthy liver functions correctly that balances the metabolism and immune system of the body.

Fatty liver occurs due to increase in fat molecules in the liver. Accumulation of the fat causes congestion and destroys the enzymes within the organ. It results in a weak immune system, improper production of proteins, nutrients and the bile. Fatty liver blood test shows the presence of the disease at an early stage. The blood test also evaluates the functionality of the organ and shows the damage or injury. The initial step includes calculating the amount of liver enzymes in the bloodstream. Excessive accumulation of fat molecules reduces the ability of an organ for producing the required enzymes that support detoxification, production of bile, proteins and nutrients.

These enzymes enter into the bloodstream due to injury. Among the different enzymes that the liver produces, the aminotransferases are the most sensitive. The subgroups include the aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase. Any damage to the liver causes the cells to spill these enzymes into the bloodstream. Increase in the AST and ALT blood levels signal the existence of liver disease. The blood test also helps in the measurement of other enzymes found in the liver. Alkaline phosphatase, gamma glutamyl transpeptidase, and nucleotidase are other enzymes that help in the detection of liver disease. However, AST and ALT are the common enzymes that receive a greater concentration in determining the development of fatty liver.

The nominal value of AST ranges between 5 and 40 units for a single liter of the serum. The nominal value of ALT ranges between 7 and 56 units per liter of serum. The values differ drastically from one individual to another. They also depend on the protocols and the technique initiated by the different laboratories across the globe in carrying out a blood test. In order to prevent confusion, each laboratory prints the nominal values on the report. The specific results will reveal whether the liver is experiencing any loss. If in case of damage, the doctor prescribes additional tests such as an ultrasound scan, fibrosis and liver biopsy to define the level of injury. Depending on the conclusions, the doctor designates the required therapy that improves the overall condition of the patient.

Fatty liver blood test, which will reveal the level of AST and ALT in the bloodstream, should not point out directly with liver disease. For example, an increase in the enzymes in the bloodstream also displays damage to the muscular structure. Therefore, a careful evaluation and interpretation is necessary to arrive at the conclusion of a damaged liver. Furthermore, it is important to visit an experienced professional excelling in the field of liver and muscle disease. Only accurate levels and evaluation determine the condition of the liver disease. It also gives the possibility to predict the future prognosis.

Fatty liver blood test, although not an exact procedure, helps in identifying damaged liver. It requires careful evaluation by an experienced practitioner to arrive at the conclusion of fatty liver. Although the blood test does not confirm damage to the liver, it does provide information about exceeding levels of ALT and AST in the bloodstream. Further examination will be helpful in determining fatty liver and its state. Visiting a qualified professional in liver and muscle disease provides accurate treatment. Careful evaluation provides the possibility for the doctor to approach in a careful methodology and implement appropriate treatment to cure fatty liver at the earliest.

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