Lee Memorial Health System Earns Distinguished ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Lee Memorial Health System has received ISO: 9001-2008 certification by DNV, a leading accreditor of U.S. hospitals that integrates ISO 9001 quality compliance with Medicare Conditions of Participation. LMHS is the first hospital in Southwest Florida and among five in Florida and 60 in the country to receive this certification.
ISO 9001 documents an organization has met certain quality standards to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.

“The certification of compliance with ISO recognizes Lee Memorial Health System as a highly reliable organization and that consistent quality services are being provided to our patients,” explains Chuck Krivenko, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Clinical and Quality Services for Lee Memorial Health System. “ISO certification is optional, but we chose to pursue it as a way to validate that not only are we meeting our patients’ expectation, but we are exceeding them.”
ISO certification is considered the gold standard for quality improvement systems. It is used throughout the world in all types of industries as a systematic approach to improving quality by providing consistent service, improving customer satisfaction, and continually improving the organization.

ISO 9001 raises healthcare delivery to the next level. Adherence to ISO continuous quality improvement standards provides guidance to a superior approach to quality. It applies a formal framework for quality that ensures even the smallest act of innovation is captured, shared and consistently applied to the benefit of patients. By implementing a formal quality management system, Lee Memorial Health System can increase efficiencies, patient satisfaction, internal communication, and increase overall internal satisfaction.

There are eight principles of ISO 9001:
• Customer focus (enhancing the experience for patients, loved ones, and community partners)
• Leadership (applying and supporting staff in implementing strategies and objectives)
• Involvement of people (everyone associated with the healthcare system is vital to its success)
• Process approach (every key process is defined, monitored, and managed)
• System approach to management (understanding how the processes interact to achieve objectives)
• Continual improvement (through inquiry and follow through)
• Factual approach to decision making (monitor, measure, and note every step in the process)
• Mutually beneficial supplier relationships (suppliers are viewed as valued partners)

When properly implemented, ISO 9001 guarantees that all procedures and processes are being utilized correctly and allows visibility into the health systems performance. Continual monitoring identifies weaknesses that need to be addressed, which will keep Lee Memorial Health System working at its best through continued improvement.

After a 36-month evaluation process that included the development of a formal quality management system, review and improvements of the quality management system, employee training, development of required procedures and establishment a process for internal quality audits, we are very proud to earn this certification.

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