Lee Physician Group Office Recognized as Patient Centered Medical Home

Lee Physician Group’s South Cape office has earned level 3 patient centered medical home (PCMH) recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). This national program recognizes primary care practices that demonstrate the highest levels of coordinated and effective patient care; level three being the highest achievement in meeting PCMH requirements. Lee Physician Group’s primary care practices are all working to achieve recognition by the end of the year.

“It’s referred to as a ‘medical home’ since the primary care physician’s office becomes the hub for all of the patient’s health care needs; the foundation of which is built upon a relationship between the physician and patient as partners in care,” explains Jean Wiley, RN CCM, Program Educator Patient Centered Care with Lee Physician Group. “Within a PCMH, primary care physicians are responsible for centering every aspect of care on the patient. This includes making arrangements with other qualified professionals, family and caregivers and ensuring care is coordinated and integrated across the system. This comprehensive approach follows a patient throughout their lifetime, including preventive measures, acute and chronic care, and end of life care, to form a partnership with the physician and create a patient centered medical home.”

“Recognition as a patient centered medical home offers our patients reassurance they are receiving the highest quality of care as Lee Physician Group strives to exceed nationally recognized standards that regulate the program,” says Kris Fay, Chief Administrative Officer of Lee Physician Group.

Lee Physician Group has embedded registered nurse (RN) case managers in its offices to provide extra support to patients with complex medical needs. The case manager assists the patient in managing their health. The embedded RN case managers ensure the patient receives the right care at the right time and right place by coordinating care, providing education and developing a self-management plan with their health care team.

“Through this innovative approach, care is more personalized and the patient becomes more involved,” says Fay. “It’s based on creating a partnership where the patient benefits from taking responsibility for their health and participating in their care. We will also monitor and report our own performance and find ways to reduce waste and make the best possible use of all available resources.”

PCMH recognition is based on meeting the criteria of nine standard categories, and was developed as an alternative to the costly fragmented state of health care currently in practice. Patient centered medical homes encourage coordinated care efforts to create long term healing relationships between physicians and patients; ultimately improving patient outcomes by shifting focus from treatment options to prevention methods.

To accommodate new and existing patients, Lee Physician Group primary care offices offer extended hours including Saturday morning and evening appointments. The Lee Physician Group call center is open 7 days a week to assist with appointment scheduling and MyChart gives patients internet access to their electronic medical records and allows them to schedule appointments as well as discuss non-urgent medical issues directly with their primary care office.

“We have found that patients with greater access to primary care are more likely to see a physician regularly and less likely to seek care in the emergency department or to be hospitalized,” says Fay.

“Transitioning to a patient centered office involves substantial reorganization to make care delivery more efficient and streamlined for all involved,” explains Fay. “We are so proud of everyone at Lee Physician Group’s South Cape office for their engagement and leadership in this journey. Their unwavering enthusiasm and passion for patient care, and willingness to be innovative in their approach, has truly benefited our patients and their families.”

The Lee Physician Group’s South Cape office is located at 507 Cape Coral Pkwy E, Cape Coral.

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