Multi-Station Fitness Path to Open at Lakes Park

Beginners or accomplished fitness buffs are invited to the “Get Moving in Lakes Park!” opening of the new state of the art total body outdoor fitness system. Ribbon cutting for the first three stations is at 9 am on Saturday, June 28. Well-known certified personal trainer and exercise physiologist, Michael Stull, will assist and demonstrate proper form. Attendees will be invited to try out the equipment and will receive information to assist them in building their own fitness program.

The Energi Prime equipment utilizes a revolutionary new technology that lets users access free instructional videos directly on their smart phone. “It’s like having a personal trainer on call, 24/7, right in your pocket, and you can do it all in beautiful Lakes Park,” says Marsha Asp of the Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation. The workout can easily be combined with Lakes Park’s walking/jogging and biking paths of various lengths and the only cost is $1/hour ($5/all day) for parking.

The program, designed for those 13 years and older, starts beginners out slowly and builds to a robust workout for all of the body’s five anatomical systems. The first three stations which target static and dynamic stretching, pulling, back, angle bar, hurdle exercises, power and agility step exercises are opening on June 28. These were funded by generous donations from The Ned & Claiborne Foulds Foundation and the Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation. Ultimately five stations will be installed which will offer a total of 120 exercises exercising nearly all of the body’s 600 muscles. Potential donors are currently being solicited to “Keep Us Moving!” said Marsha Asp. Inquiries can be directed to

Providing a total body outdoor fitness opportunity at a cost affordable by everyone in the community is a priority of the Lee County Parks & Recreation Department and the Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation. Lakes Park, centrally located at 7330 Gladiolus Drive in south Fort Myers, is an ideal location for such a community facility.

The Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization
assisting Lee County Parks & Recreation through philanthropic and voluntary efforts to improve Lakes Park by adding enrichments that enhance the community’s enjoyment of this extremely important green area in Lee County. Further information can be obtained at and

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