National Nutrition Month® 2015 Q&A! Answer # 9 Revealed

Welcome back to National Nutrition Month® 2015 Q&A! Check to see if you got the correct answer to yesterday’s question.

Which of the following behaviors can help you to control your portion sizes at home?
a. Eat while you’re watching TV or doing another activity – multi-tasking while eating is the way to go!
b. When buying snacks, go for single-serving prepackaged items and foods that are lower-calorie options. If you buy larger bags or boxes of snacks, divide the items into single-serve packages.
c. Instead of using a plate, eat directly out of the container – no need to dirty a plate or bowl!
d. Eat slowly so your brain can get the message that your stomach is full.
e. Both b & d

Answer: E – These are both smart ways to help control portions. Single-servings are helpful because they create a physical “stopping point”. Eat slowly to help prevent overeating – it generally takes about 20 minutes for your brain to send the “I’m full” signal to your stomach.

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