Stopped my AFIB!

Please tell other Afibbers to begin taking Taurine and L-Aginine amino acids which can be purchased in many locations including Amazon. I was diagnosed four years ago during a trip to the emergency room. After spending a load of money with a cardiologist, he told me I had holiday-heart which come from excessive drinking…which I wasn’t doing. He did me no good whatsoever.
I searched for answers for many years while my AFIB worsened and nothing worked until I found a study on the two amino acids Taurine and Arginine. I bought these amino acids at a local health food store and began taking them same day. I had been in AFIB almost constantly up to this day, but since taking the Taurine and Arginine…no more AFIB! Now it’s only been about 5 days, but I can’t remember the last time I was AFIB free for five days! My heartbeat is now so normal it’s scary! Blood pressure is now under control as well.
I haven’t felt this well and normal in years, so I wanted to pass on this information to as many people as possible!

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