Regional Cancer Center Breast Center Achieves National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers

The Lee Memorial Health System Regional Cancer Center Breast Center recently achieved the American College of Surgeons’ National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). NAPBC accreditation encompasses the entirety of breast centers, recognizing a willful commitment to provide the best in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment that includes ongoing engagement in quality improvement processes.

Accreditation is based on compliance with 29 standards as rated by a surveyor and NAPBC staff, including a rigorous on-site review process every three years. NAPBC accreditation also requires demonstration of: a multidisciplinary team approach to coordinated care; access to breast cancer-related information, education, and support; breast cancer data collection on quality indicators for all subspecialties involved in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment; ongoing monitoring and improvement of care; and information about clinical trials and new treatment options.

The Regional Cancer Center (RCC) is home to a comprehensive breast cancer program, one that features a special type of caregiver—the breast cancer nurse navigator. From screenings to suspicious findings, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship, the program and the navigators make sure that women, and men, aren’t alone. Throughout the journey, navigators place the patient and their family at the center of everything they do, helping to decrease fear and anxiety by educating and empowering them.

Treatment is managed by a multidisciplinary team (radiation oncology, medical oncology, surgery, navigators, genetics, nutrition, STAR Rehab – Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation) that gathers together at the RCC weekly to discuss care options with the patient and their family. This approach ensures that each patient conveniently sees their entire care team in one place and has a complete understanding of their chosen course of action before returning home.

If mastectomy is the route for treatment, a Mastectomy Pre-Operative Education Class is offered. The class is free and offers hands-on training and information for any patient having a mastectomy within Lee Memorial Health System. The Breast Center also provides cancer rehabilitation and survivorship care plans after all treatment is completed. This includes a Breast Cancer Survivorship workshop, a free two-hour program that helps patients understand the continuum of care and life after cancer.

Maintaining NAPBC accreditation guarantees that all these procedures and processes are utilized correctly and allows insight as to the clinic’s performance to identify any weakness that needs to be addressed and keep the Breast Clinic working optimally through continued improvement.

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