Top 3 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Seniors

The holiday season has arrived and has brought gift-giving season into full swing. Those who have family members that are senior citizens may wonder what is the perfect gift to give their loved one? How do you choose a gift that shows how much you cherish the person as well as provide a gift that will be useful all year long? There are three great gifts that the senior citizen in your life will appreciate.

1. PikStik Pro Aluminum Reacher – This durable, rustproof 32 inch yellow handled PikStik can be used at home, in the yard, shopping, at the park and many other places. The unique trigger handle design has wide jaws and only needs to be squeezed 1 inch in order to close. This is a great gift for those who are in wheelchairs or have a difficult time reaching things off of counters or in hard to reach places. It is also beneficial for those who struggle to bend down to pick something off of the floor. The PikStik Pro Aluminum Reacher has a one year warranty and cost $23.99.

2. Ultra Soft Fleece Throw Blanket – While a blanket may seem like quite a simple gift, it is great when grouped with other items. You can add this blanket to a basket filled with your loved ones favorite movies and treats. This 100% polyester blanket is 50 x 60 and comes in colors such as grey, red, yellow, green, pink, blue, beige, navy blue and dark green. It is great to use at home, in a car, outdoors, traveling and in a wheelchair. The Ultra Soft Fleece Throw Blanket is machine washable and costs $7.97.

3. KD Smart Chair – This lightweight wheelchair allows your loved one to gain their independence and mobility back. The KD Smart Chair only weighs 50 pounds and is less bulkier when compared to other wheelchairs. It allows the user to fit into small spaces that they couldn’t in their standard wheelchair. It even has a turn radius of 31.5 inches and can climb 12 degree inclines with ease. It easily folds and can be stored in the trunk of the car or SUV and is perfect for traveling via plane, cruise ship, train, bus or taxi. Make your loved ones dreams of being independent again come true with this amazing wheelchair. KD Smart Chair is available for purchase for $2,295 and is well worth the investment due to its durability and innovative design.

These top three gifts for seniors are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones face. Imagine their surprise if they received all three gifts? They are sure to benefit from them all year long. In addition, these gifts can be shipped directly to your front door.

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