Mother’s Day: The Gift of Health

shutterstock_family_walkRemember how Mom reminded you to eat your vegetables, helped you put on sunscreen before hitting the beach, and made you turn off the television to go play outside? Mothers show they care about their kids’ health in many ways, and you can return the favor by giving your mom a gift that shows you care about her health too. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to make her feel loved and appreciated. Here are a few ideas:

Take her for a walk – Moms love quality time with their children, and the exercise benefits everyone.

Lunch at the farmer’s market – Treat her to a nice lunch and a bag of fresh fruits and vegetables to take home.

A healthy breakfast in bed – Remember half the plate should be filled with fruits or vegetables, and incorporate some healthy proteins and whole grains.

Make it a date – Check out our Calendar of Events to see if there are any upcoming education events, seminars or community festivals Mom would enjoy and invite her to go with you.

Fitness gifts – Could she use a new yoga mat? Has she always wanted a pedometer? Maybe a subscription to her favorite fitness magazine or a cool t-shirt to work out in would inspire and motive her.

Healthy gift cards – What is her favorite healthy restaurant? Has she always wanted to take dance classes? Consider mom’s health when choosing the perfect gift!

For more ideas on staying healthy, go to, and share this amazing resource with Mom. Chances are this health thing is right up her alley!


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