Primary Care Alternatives

Delivering the Right Care in the Right Place at the Right Time

primary-care-altAccess to quality healthcare for Lee County residents and visitors is a major focus of the Healthy Lee Coalition. As part of a collaborative approach to increasing access and improving outcomes for uninsured and under-served, Lee County healthcare organizations and service providers offer alternative locations to the emergency room setting, such as neighborhood centers and clinics.

Key services provided include primary, non-urgent medical care for adults; diagnostic laboratory and radiology services; cancer and other disease screenings; adult immunizations; adult screenings for elevated blood levels, communicable diseases and cholesterol; mental health care services; case management, referrals and outreach services such as transportation, interpreters and patient education.

Non-emergent patients can receive healthcare in the appropriate setting to help improve quality of care and access for patients and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits.

Primary Care Alternatives in Lee County include: