10 Year Report
of Healthy Lee Accomplishments

In January 2007, Lee Health invited 38 diverse community leaders to join “Community Health Visioning 2017.” In 2012, the name was changed to “Healthy Lee”...

and the results to date have been tremendous. (Hover your mouse here)

For Example,

15% drop in Obesity

34.5% drop in Childhood Obesity

23% more meet physical activity recommendations

8% increase in well-child visits to the doctor.

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Healthy Lee Strategic Plan 2007-2017

Strategic Initiative Healthy Lifestyles Primary Care Alternatives to the ED Chronic Disease Management Behavioral Health Public Engagement Healthcare Workforce Shortage Electronic Medical Records
Strategy Create a Culture of Healthy Lifestyles Develop community-based system of primary care alternatives, targeting greatest need With community partners develop options for prevention, education & management. Target greatest need With Community collaborative, develop comprehensive continuum of care. Create community engagement and awareness of Healthy Lee goals and initiatives using brand Create community collaborative reduce shortage of physicians, nurses, etc. Develop community incentives to recruit. Develop method(s) to transfer electronic patient information to improve care and transitions between care settings
Champion(s) Swatzman/Glover/Kashman C. Smith/ Houck/Quinonez R. Hudson Swett/Owen Hansen/Newingham Schroeder/Cordova Pounders/Biel/M. Smith
Tactics Expand Commitment to Healthy Lee Lee Community Healthcare It's All About You Park Royal www.HealthyLee.com FSU Family Practice Residency LPG, LMHS, FHC, IMA, PPC, DOH-Lee all achieve Meaningful Use.
Improve Nutritional Habits of the People in Lee County We Care/Project Dentist Care Health Fairs Bob Janes Triage Center, Hope Clubhouse Million Mile Movement FGCU/Hodges/FSW expanded degrees and enrollment Develop/implement interoperability community model
Increase Physical Activity of the People in Lee Co United Way Houses Speakers' Bureau Lee Behavioral Health Speakers' Bureau, Media Internships
Encourage healthy lifestyles and wellness initiatives in the workplace, neighborhoods, and churches FHC expansion Food is Medicine - Fresh Harvest at Home SalusCare Word-of-Mouth, Outreach Team at health fairs & events Horizon Council relocation tools
Influence policy and environmental changes in support of healthier lifestyles CHIP REACH Pilot Streets Alive! (2013-2014) Advocacy - Florida Physician Residency Funding
Target Outcome 2017 Obesity 23% or less US average Fair/Poor Health 15.3% or less Asthma - No Increase Diabetes - FL average Fair/Poor MH - No increase 10.8% 11.9 Heard of Healthy Lee CMS est. Need Improve M U - Interoperability