Jim Nathan

Former President & CEO, Lee Health

“Healthy Lee was created to empower and inspire the people of Lee County to live healthier, more active lives. By engaging and collaborating with community leaders and organizations, we are working to help the residents of Lee County choose, commit and change for the better.” – Jim Nathan, President, Lee Health

Gary Trippe

Inaugural Chairman

It was an honor to serve as the inaugural chair of the Community Health Visioning Steering Committee in 2007 which focused on identifying the needs, tackling obstacles and improving health care in Southwest Florida. The work of the dedicated and diverse community leaders serving on this committee has made a meaningful difference, and their vision has led to the transition to Healthy Lee with a focus on healthier lifestyles.” – Gary Trippe, Retired Insurance Agency Executive, Inaugural Chair of Healthy Lee

Garry Griffin


“Southwest Florida’s economic health is intertwined with the health of its citizens. Healthy Lee promotes every aspect of healthy living, from exercise opportunities to eating right and cultivating mental health, for every resident. By bringing best practices to Lee County, we are working to create a culture of healthy lifestyles and improve Southwest Florida’s overall quality of life.” – Robbie Roepstorff, President, Edison National Bank, Chair, Healthy Lee

Robbie Roepstorff

Past Chairman

“Southwest Florida’s economic health is intertwined with the health of its citizens. Healthy Lee promotes every aspect of healthy living, from exercise opportunities to eating right and cultivating mental health, for every resident. By bringing best practices to Lee County, we are working to create a culture of healthy lifestyles and improve Southwest Florida’s overall quality of life.” – Robbie Roepstorff, President, Edison National Bank, Chair, Healthy Lee


Healthy Lee Executive Committee

  • Ben Siegel
    Deputy Executive Director-Administration
    Lee County Port Authority
    “Healthy Lee is motivating our community to make healthy lifestyle choices. Programs such as the Million Mile Movement have inspired thousands of people to be part of a community effort to improve physical health and well being, while having fun.”
  • Christine Brady
    Assistant County Manager
    Lee County Government
    “For Lee County government, engagement is the first step – and we are thrilled to begin the process. We’ve made a commitment from our county’s executive team to this important wellness initiative with involvement in the steering committee and executive committee.”
  • Gray Davis
    Agency Executive
    BB&T - Oswald Trippe and Company
    “There is no magic potion or silver bullet or campaign promise that is going to fix our health care system. However, once we grasp the concept that all healthcare is local, as a community, we can come together to make it better.”

Healthy Lee Champions

  • Rowe Hudson
    Lee Health Solutions
    With chronic diseases, such as diabetes and asthma on the rise, Lee Health continues to offer options to combat disease through community programs, disease specific education, disease registries in the primary care offices to identify those most at risk, and through bringing leaders in the field together to work on solutions for combating the challenges that lie ahead.  I am glad to be a part of this this effort.
  • Kevin Newingham
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Lee Health
    Over the last decade, Healthy Lee has built an effective collaboration of leaders to improve health care resources in our community. In today’s world, that means improving people’s health—keeping them well and out of the hospital—rather than simply treating them when they’re sick. It means carefully coordinating care before, during, and after a medical episode. And it means meeting patients where they are to ensure they get the right kind of care, when they need it and where they need it—not just in the hospital or doctor’s office. Healthy Lee makes this possible by engaging  health care providers, social service agencies, community governments, churches, businesses and others in creating a culture of healthy lifestyles and our community.
  • Sarah Owen
    President & CEO
    Southwest Florida Community Foundation
    “Children’s behavioral health is a personal and professional passion and it has been so rewarding to facilitate Healthy Lee’s Children’s Behavioral Health Task Force. I have learned so much about the dedicated compassionate advocates who are working tirelessly to improve behavioral health in our community.”
  • William Schroeder
    Senior Vice President
    U.S. Trust
    “Candy  and I have made dramatic health lifestyle changes incorporating proper nutrition  and exercise as a result of  our awareness of how chronic diseases are directly linked to our choices in food and mobility.   We are encouraging our family,  friends and associates at work to follow the pursuit of making smart healthy choices in life!"
  • Cliff Smith
    United Way of Lee Hendry Glades and Okeechobee
    The United Way is thrilled to be partnering with Healthy Lee to improve access to services through the We Care program, the United Way Houses, the Help Me Grow Program, the Navigator Initiative and our fantastic partnership with Lee Community HealthCare.  We tremendously value our partnership  with the many passionate and hardworking organizations that are members of  Healthy Lee and believe that working together all of our programs are make a significant impact in the lives of so many of the families and individuals in our community.

Healthy Lee Steering Committee

  • Scott J. Kashman
    Chief Acute Care Officer
    Cape Coral Hospital
    “Our Healthy Lee Coalition is creating awareness toward healthier lifestyles. The Million Mile Movement and 5210 Campaign are just two examples. Start small. Impact locally and spread best health practices regionally.”
  • Dr. Shari Skinner
    Lee County Medical Society
    As 2016 president of the Lee County Medical Society we promote the well being of physician and patients.  We have a referral service through the society to assist patients looking for a physician.  We also provide scholarships for children to attend Diabetes Camp each year so that they can learn to better deal with the disease.  On a personal note as a dermatologist I am always educating my patients on the danger of skin cancer and the use of sunscreen, hats, and protective clothing. Shari Skinner, MD
  • Carl Schwing
    City Manager
    City of Bonita Springs
    “The City of Bonita Springs’ City Council has prioritized safe and healthy transportation improvements as well as partnering with local non-profits to promote healthier outdoor lifestyles.  Towards these ends, the City is constructing a revitalized downtown that will promote walkability with wider sidewalks that will accommodate pedestrians as well as bicyclists, planning and designing more connectivity throughout our city on major corridors for pedestrians and bicyclists on separated pathways and partnering financially  with our local YMCA to construct eight new pickle ball courts.  We know that a healthy lifestyle can be achieved by those who commit to that lifestyle.  In Bonita Springs, we want to ensure that we offer the widest variety of activities possible to attract those with varied interests and abilities.”    -  Carl L. Schwing, City Manager
  • John Szerlag
    City Manager
    City of Cape Coral
    “Cape Coral recognizes the value our residents place on living in a city that provides opportunities for a healthy lifestyle,” said Cape Coral City Manager John Szerlag.  “With our athletic fields, extensive network of bike and pedestrian paths, neighborhood parks with fitness areas, kayaking trails and other activities, Cape Coral offers multiple venues that contribute to a healthy quality of life desired by our community.  And we are still moving forward.”
  • Jeffery Allbritten
    Florida SouthWestern State College
    "Moving forward begins with that first step. FSW has already taken steps to promote health and wellness initiatives for our faculty, staff and students. Our wellness coordinator hosts sessions to show how even the smallest lifestyle changes are a step in the right direction. Our wellness center in our Suncoast Credit Union Arena benefits FSW students and employees with classes and training to help us meet our own healthy goals. Being part of Healthy Lee is a big step that lifts the entire community forward in a positive way. " Dr. Jeff Allbritten, President, Florida SouthWestern State College
  • John Boland
    Lee County Economic Development Office
    Quality of life has become a key factor in economic development, every day we talk about how Lee County offers an active and healthy lifestyle.  If your workforce is healthy, your business is healthy.  Healthy Lee is a big part of that conversation.   The superior quality of life here sets us apart from other communities.  Our active and healthy lifestyle can foster better employee productivity which results in a better economic environment for businesses to succeed. 
  • Marshall Bower
    President & CEO
    The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools, Inc.
    “Collaborating and working with community partners to engage our children and their families in becoming a healthier community is the goal of HealthyMe, an initiative under the Healthy Lee umbrella. Another important area of collaboration is working to improve Behavioral Health Care access in our community to our youngest citizens.”
  • Samira Beckwith
    President and CEO
    Hope Healthcare
    “Hope proudly participants in and supports the Healthy Lee initiative and shares its mission to improve quality of life. We believe in empowering individuals to live well, even in life’s last chapters. Hope’s team is dedicated to transforming the experiences of living with illness, aging and grief into opportunities for peace, comfort and healing. For more than 30 years, our expert care has helped people live well - one moment at a time.”
  • Sandy Stilwell
    Stilwell Enterprises & Restaurant Group
    I have been a part of Healthy Lee since its inception. Originally started as a 20/20' Visioning team, we quickly released our need to focus on Healthy Living.  By developing an environment where eating healthy, promoting exercise and education regarding the long term health benefits one may receive by making a lifestyle change, we have created great success.  The true benefits won't be realized by our community for yours to come.  It will be fun to see the results of teaching teachers, students and parents some life skills thy will reduce obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.