Jim Nathan

Former President & CEO, Lee Health

“Healthy Lee was created to empower and inspire the people of Lee County to live healthier, more active lives. By engaging and collaborating with community leaders and organizations, we are working to help the residents of Lee County choose, commit and change for the better.” – Jim Nathan, President, Lee Health

Gary Trippe

Inaugural Chairman

It was an honor to serve as the inaugural chair of the Community Health Visioning Steering Committee in 2007 which focused on identifying the needs, tackling obstacles and improving health care in Southwest Florida. The work of the dedicated and diverse community leaders serving on this committee has made a meaningful difference, and their vision has led to the transition to Healthy Lee with a focus on healthier lifestyles.” – Gary Trippe, Retired Insurance Agency Executive, Inaugural Chair of Healthy Lee

Gary Griffin


“Healthy Lee, during its twelve years of existence, has achieved great collaborative success for the residents of Southwest Florida. Our Steering and Executive Committees are comprised of local business and community leaders who are committed to promoting Healthy Lifestyle choices and improved Behavioral Health results for all Lee County residents. We understand that a major role of Healthy Lee is bringing awareness to all facets of wellness…body, mind and spirit”. – Gary Griffin

Robbie Roepstorff*

Past Chair

“Southwest Florida’s economic health is intertwined with the health of its citizens. Healthy Lee promotes every aspect of healthy living, from exercise opportunities to eating right and cultivating mental health, for every resident. By bringing best practices to Lee County, we are working to create a culture of healthy lifestyles and improve Southwest Florida’s overall quality of life.”
Robbie Roepstorff, President, Edison National Bank, Chair, Healthy Lee



Healthy Lee Executive Committee

  • Angela Pruitt
  • Angela Smith
  • Benjamin Siegel - Lee County Port Authority
  • Brian T. Hemmert - Health Planning Council of SWFL, Inc.
  • Cheryl Glover
  • Damon Romanello
  • Erin Hailstone
  • Gary H. Griffin
  • Gray Davis
  • Jeannine Joy
  • Jorge Quinonez
  • Judge Swett
  • Lawrence Antonucci, MD
  • Mary Yankaskas - Physicians Primary Care of SW FL
  • Mitchell L. "Mitch" Cordova, Ph.D
  • Pason Gaddis
  • Paul G. Simeone, Ph.D.
  • Robbie Roepstorff*
  • Sarah Owen
  • Stacey Cook Hawk
  • Stephanie Wardein
  • Teri Lynne Hansen
  • William Glover, Pastor

Healthy Lee Steering Committee

  • Angela Pruitt, PMP, SHRM-CP
  • Erin Hailstone
  • Gail Markham
  • Gary Griffin
  • Gary Trippe
  • Geurt Peet
  • Gray Davis
  • Greg Adkins
  • J. Nathan Stout
  • Jeffery Allbritten
  • Jessica Carter Peer
  • Jim Nathan
  • Joe Mazurkiewicz, Dr.
  • John Szerlag
  • Jon Olliff, Dr.
  • Jonathan Romine
  • Jorge Quinonez, Dr.
  • Judge Andrew Swett - County Judge
  • Kelly Glewa
  • Kevin Lewis
  • Lawrence Antonucci, MD
  • Leonardo Garcia
  • Marshall Bower
  • Martin Schappell
  • Mike Biel
  • Mitchell L. "Mitch" Cordova, Ph.D
  • Pason Gaddis
  • Rev. Dr. Israel Suarez
  • Rick Palmon (Lee County Medical Society)
  • Robbie Roepstorff*
  • Roger Desjarlais
  • Roger Hernstadt
  • Saeed Kazemi
  • Sally Jackson
  • Samira Beckwith
  • Sandie Horvath
  • Sandy Stilwell
  • Sarah Owen
  • Skip Leonard
  • Steve Riggs
  • Steven Sarkozy
  • Teri Hansen
  • Tiffany Esposito
  • Todd Gates
  • William Glover, Pastor