Caloosa Elementary students take the 5210 Pledge!

A dozen Caloosa Elementary students at the Cape Coral Wellness Center took the ‪5210 Pledge to live a healthier summer.
Healthy Lee | Caloosa Elementary students take the 5210 Pledge!

Our 5210 Pledge calls for individuals to eat five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in May, limit recreational screen time to two hours per day in June, spend an hour a day performing a physical activity in July, and drink no sugary beverages in August.

“We’re encouraging families and individuals to take the pledge to adopt these habits,” said Sally Jackson of the Cape Coral Wellness Center. “The habits are good for everybody, so we are encouraging everyone to take the pledge.”

“We have a goal to make sure our students live a healthy lifestyle and make good choices,” teacher Kim Jordan said. “We want them to know everything they do to their body is going to affect their health now and in the future.”

Thank you, Caloosa Elementary, for encouraging your students to take the 5210 Pledge!


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