“Paying It Forward” While Enjoying Safe Walking and Cycling

As we celebrate our nation’s birthday by enjoying outdoor activities with family and friends, it is a good time to practice an important way of paying it forward.

Walk, bike and play outdoors, but then take few extra minutes to become a more engaged citizen by observing, photographing and reporting conditions of concern to your local government. Take notice of needed roadway or sidewalk repairs or upgrades. These may range from a trip hazard caused by a raised sidewalk segment or non-working street lights to glass or debris in a bike lane or entirely missing walking or cycling facilities. Is there shrub so overgrown as to block a driver’s view of others using the right-of-way? Are intersection signals too short to feel safe in crossing? Is a pedestrian-leading, protective signal needed where right-turning traffic gives little heed to those using the crosswalks? Are there crosswalks where they are needed to best serve pedestrians?

Several of our local governments have set up specific processes to collect this information and you can help protect those who may come after you by engaging in proactive citizen feedback.

Lee County Department of Transportation has a Request for Action Hotline with bi-lingual service and a web link:
239-533-9400 or https://www.leegov.com/dot/requestforaction

The City of Fort Myers has a “Support Center” icon on the city’s website that will lead you to email access and a convenient downloadable phone app.
239-321-7000 or http://www.cityftmyers.com/

Bonita Springs residents can contact their city by phone or email:
239-992-2556 or http://www.cityofbonitasprings.org/parks/contact/

Cape Coral residents are invited to click the “I Want To” link on the upper right of the city’s web page and then scroll down to “Report an Issue”.
239-574-0425 or http://www.capecoral.net/

Do your part, be a patriot and pay it forward!


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