Ways to Cut Down Recreational Screen Time

The average adult spends six hours a day in front of a screen. This startling statistic means that it’s time to take action! How can a we reduce recreational screen time each day? Start by finding creative ways to spend downtime. While it won’t be easy, it will be worthwhile in the long run.

Healthy Lee | Ways to Cut Down Recreational Screen Time

Here are just a few ways to cut down recreational screen time:

  • Set time limits for TV, computer and video game use each day and replace with reading, or outdoor and creative arts activities
  • Reposition furniture so the TV is no longer the main focus of your living/family room, and keep family games in easy reach
  • Remove TVs from bedrooms
  • Set limits to prevent phone/tablet use at bedtime
  • Avoid using TV/computers/games/technology as a reward or punishment
  • Plan your TV watching in advance – select shows together as a family and then turn off the set once the show is over
  • Enjoy a relaxed, sit-down family dinner most nights of the week where everyone leaves their phone, tablet, etc. in another room


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