Five Ways to Soak up the Sun This Weekend

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Family on a trailOne of the greatest benefits to living in Southwest Florida is the weather, and spring is the very best time to enjoy the outdoor activities that keep us fit and healthy. Just remember to bring sunscreen, plenty of water and appropriate clothing, shoes and equipment for the activity you choose.

While exercising indoors is the next best thing, outdoor activities like those listed below provide us with added benefits. A change of pace can be very motivating, and the sunshine provides a healthy dose of vitamin D, without which the body can’t process all the wonderful Vitamin C we get from eating fruits and vegetables. Spending time in the sun also has been shown to reduce depression. So do yourself a favor and spend at least an hour outside this weekend, enjoying activities such as:

Farmers markets – Shopping at your local outdoor market gets you moving in the fresh air and sunshine, and you can stock up on healthy fresh foods at the same time. What you’ll need:  Comfortable shoes and clothing – A reusable bag to carry your purchases – Cash for purchases

Parks and Nature – Walking, running, kayaking and bicycling are just four ways you can explore local parks and enjoy natural areas. What you’ll need:  Money for parking – Comfortable shoes and clothing – Sunscreen – Drinking Water – A camera and binoculars (optional)

Walking/Running – There are a number of paths dedicated to safe walking and running in Lee County. What you’ll need:  Comfortable shoes and clothing – Drinking Water – Sunscreen

Biking – You don’t need a special place to bike, but if you want to try a new course, check out a new bike path in your area. What you’ll need:  A bike (look for rental opportunities if you don’t own one) – Safety gear including a bike helmet – Money for parking – Drinking Water – Sunscreen – Comfortable shoes and clothing, preferably reflective or brightly colored clothing if you ride on the roadway

Canoeing and Kayaking – Whether you launch straight from the beach or at one of the area’s renowned water trails, you’ll get a workout. You may even try a bit of kayak fishing! What you’ll need:  A kayak, canoe (look for rental opportunities if you don’t own one) – A life jacket – A bathing suit or other clothing – Waterproof sunscreen and protective hats and clothing – Drinking Water

To explore the selection of parks, walking and running paths, biking maps and canoe/kayak launches in our area, check out the helpful links we’ve collected at