Chronic Disease

Did you know that lung cancer is the number one type of cancer in Lee County?  A simple low dose CT scan can detect nodules early and treatment can positively change the outcome of some cases of lung cancer.

Obesity is on the rise, the food sources that many people consume either due to lack of time, or budget are not helping our collective health. Consuming nine servings of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains a day are important ways to get nutrients we all require to live your best life.

Stress is also a contributor to chronic disease.  Physical activity and meditation are great ways to reduce stress.  We as a community must embrace new methodologies for achieving a healthy life style and employers are a big part of this initiative.  Knowing that our employees are real people, with real problems is the first step to creating a workplace wellness program that encompasses health and wellness as a way of life.  Let’s not say “eat healthy” and then provide a big cake or pizza to a workplace celebration, instead provide a thoughtful acknowledgement such as, fruit platters with yogurt, nuts and granola.  Starting in small ways can encourage even the biggest couch potato.  Start with walking meetings or wellness challenges that everyone can participate in.  For more information on workplace wellness programs please contact


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