Fruit Calendar for Pregnancy Trimesters

Women have serious cases of pregnancy cravings – they can be “traditional” such as a pickles, or kind of quirky, like one particular brand of peach juice. There are a lot of theories where these cravings come from, but nothing is set in stone yet. The best guess is that pregnancy hormones sharpen the sense of smell, which triggers some of the appetite bursts. Then again, it is widely accepted that cravings are signals from the body that it is lacking several nutrients for the nutrients it needs – but there is not enough evidence to support this. Therefore, you may want to contain your appetite and follow this guide that tells you exactly how to nurture your growing body – at least fruitwise!

The First Trimester

This is a very challenging period during your pregnancy – food wise. At the same time, you have all those cravings, but there is that annoying nausea that prevents you from enjoying anything. If you are able to eat anything at all, make sure that you take plenty of citrus fruits. You need your vitamin C and folic acid. Another very great way to get your folic acid is to eat spinach. It is not fruit, but it tastes excellent as a main course or as a smoothie.

The Second Trimester

This is when your body needs a lot of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. when it comes to fruits, you can find these nutrients in dried apricots and figs, tangerines, kiwi, and prunes. Most of them are dried, which means that you can combine them with yogurt and pumpkin seeds and turn them into a tasty breakfast. If you are a winter mom, then you could stir some of these dry superfoods into honey to create a fantastic immunity booster.

The Third Trimester

Getting enough vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B remains your concern during the third trimester. This time though, you also need a lot of fiber. Fiber prevents constipation, which happens quite often during this period. You also want good sources for vitamin K, A, and thiamine. This means that you should definitely continue eating citrus fruits and kiwi, but add some strawberries, mango, and melon into the mix.

How to Eat Your Fruit

Eating raw fruit as a snack is a great habit, but it’s also a little boring, and often not fulfilling enough. Add the fruit to Greek yoghurt, or make homemade musli bars. Blend them into smoothies. If you’re one strong mama, and want to do this the right way, the raw way – you, too, can get fun – mix up fruit salads.

While these are all the fruits that you need to eat, you also need to know all about those that you should avoid. For example, some components of papaya may be very harmful. Unripe papaya may even cause contractions. Your cervix may be softened by eating pineapple. Grapes are not dangerous on their own, but they are sprayed with a lot of pesticides during their growth. One thing is for sure, you need to be very careful when preparing fruit – wash and rinse it thoroughly, but without using chemicals.


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