The Best Anti-Aging and Anti-Cancer Superfoods For Summer

One of the best things about summer is the abundance of health foods that are in season! Forbes Magazine’s contributor Melanie Haiken has developed a list of the seven best anti-aging and anti-cancer superfoods you should indulge in this summer, and we’re clueing you in on some of the best places in Southwest Florida to get your hands on these healthy treats!

1. Tomatoes
According to research and studies completed by the National Cancer Institute, tomatoes have the ability to prevent or reduce the risk of prostate, breast, colon, lung and many different kinds of cancer. This is because of the high concentration of the antioxidant lycopene, one of the most abundant nutrients in the carotenoid family. There were 72 different studies that have been conducted by NCI to determine the preventative benefits of tomatoes.

Try some of our local U-Pick farms, such as Farmer Mike’s U Pick Farm located in Bonita Springs, or U-Pick Farms in Fort Myers located just off Gladiolus Drive.

shutterstock_98911436 (1)2. Summer Berries
Berries, such as blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries contain high levels of disease-fighting phytochemicals that have been found to boost immunity. This natural wonder ingredient can also prevent cancer, lower heart disease risk and prevent seasonal allergies. Strawberries may not have the same properties as some of the other berries, but they do contain a phytochemical called fisetin that recent research found has a powerful effect in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Looking for fresh berries in our area? Try the River District Farmers Market!

shutterstock_1348128473. Cucumbers
These vegetables have a bad reputation for being mostly water—but cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties. They also aid weight loss and contain high levels of fisetin, a compound research has shown to prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

4. Grapes
The type of grape varies, but all grapes are filled with compounds that are anti-aging, anti-cancer, and reduce the risk of many age-related diseases.

Tip: Freeze your grapes for a sweet, cold and refreshing summertime snack!

5. Mangoes
Living in Southwest Florida, we all know that Mangoes are so plentiful this time of year, we have neighbors and co-workers picking them and practically handing them out! If you don’t happen to have anyone trying to get rid of their mangoes, check any one of our local farmers markets!

6. Green Beans
This wonder vegetable prevents heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Studies show that eating green beans can reduce the risk of blood clots in the cardiovascular system and brain. They are filled with fiber, iron, calcium, and minerals like silicon and manganese, green beans contain nutrients not commonly found in many other vegetables.

Click here to view the Forbes article. For more ideas on healthy activities and information on local farmers markets, visit our calendar of events!


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