Deterra Drug Deactivation program with LPG

Pictured here is the Lee Physician Group Ambulatory Nurse Manager team with Healthy Lee partner Deborah Comella, Executive Director, Coalition for a Drug-Free SWFL (third from left)

Through a grant from United Way over three years, the Coalition for a Drug-Free SWFL, an active Healthy Lee partner, has over 10,000 Deterra Drug Disposal System pouches for distribution to the community. Through a component of education and distribution, the program aims to educate the community on the detrimental effects of inadequate disposal of drugs on our water supply. In addition, the system allows consumers to deactivate their old and no longer used medications so they can be disposed of safely. The approach is two-pronged since it helps solve the drug abuse and environmental contamination issues. More here:

Since healthcare providers are at the forefront of the fight against prescription drug misuse, it makes sense for Lee Physician Group to collaborate with the Coalition for a Drug-Free SWFL. Ensuring patients’ unused medications are disposed of properly at home and by staff in our facilities can reduce the risk of drug misuse and diversion. Stephanie Lutton, RN, BSN Ambulatory Nurse Manager, said she is excited to offer this solution to families who, due to various circumstances, find themselves with drugs they no longer need. Deterra’s patented medication disposal pouches are a scientifically proven solution to permanently deactivate medication at home or in a clinical setting.
The patented Deterra® System deactivates prescription drugs, pills, patches, liquids, creams, and films. Deterra renders them inert, unavailable for misuse, and safe for the environment. In a simple 3-step process, a user deactivates the drugs by putting them in a Deterra pouch or container, adding water, sealing, shaking, and throwing it away.
Through a partnership with Lee Physician Group’s Ambulatory Nursing Administration and the Coalition for a Drug-Free SWFL, the program intends to provide education while distributing the Deterra Drug Deactivation System pouches to each LPG office. Each office will then provide them to their patients as needed, along with the necessary education.

The first delivery of pouches took place on January 30 to the Lee Physicians Group Nursing Administration Team, who will then meet with each office’s operations manager to educate on the product and provide a 25-bag supply. User instructions are also on the outside of each pouch. If further supplies or information is required, Deborah Comella, Executive Director of the Coalition for a Drug-Free SWFL, may be reached at

Click here for a 15-second information video:

Important information:
The granular activated carbon used in Deterra is non-corrosive to the skin and eyes. The organic carbon is considered non-flammable and stable under normal conditions for shipment, storage, and use. No known harmful effects are associated with the ingestion of carbon used in Deterra; it is considered non-toxic. For more information, please see Deterra Drug Deactivation System Safety Data Sheets.

Deterra products do not need to be stored at a specific temperature and do not lose efficacy when stored in extreme heat or cold. However, the pouch or container may expand or contract in these conditions.


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