LeeTran’s 2023 Resolution, Evolution

By Stacey Perkins

LeeTran has resolved to evolve as they blaze the trail in 2023, with expanded mobility-on-demand services and the exciting opening of a new transfer station.

South Fort Myers has developed substantially over the years and outgrown a popular transfer area at the Bell Tower Shops near Daniels Parkway and Cleveland Avenue. LeeTran worked diligently to identify an alternative location nearby, to construct a transfer/multimodal park-and-ride to replace the current “super stop.” By April 2022, LeeTran broke ground on the project, and the progress has been consistent and on track. When complete in May of 2023, the facility will include seven canopied bus bays, a robust park-and-ride area, proportionate space for bicycle storage, a covered waiting area, public restrooms, and technology-driven amenities. In addition, bus bays have conduit infrastructure to accommodate future electric buses. The facility is set to provide comfort and convenience for transit and multimodal users in a high-volume county area.

LeeTran also announced the expansion of its mobility-on-demand (MOD) service, branded ULTRA. The ULTRA service originally launched in the Bonita Springs area in 2022, replacing a fixed route covering a horizontal expanse of approximately 14 miles. The popular ULTRA curb-to-curb service has since more than doubled the ridership previously produced by the replaced fixed route, prompting residents’ and city leaders’ unwavering support and participation. As a result, LeeTran expanded the service area and the servicing fleet to better accommodate the service demand in Bonita Springs. LeeTran has been doing this with the pilot launch of ULTRA Mobility-on-demand service in Lehigh Acres, set to launch early in March of 2023.

LeeTran strives to be a transit brand trusted and desired by its community, and through constant growth and improvement, they are confident the day will come when transit will be viewed as a choice transportation option for all.


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