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Make Life Easier for Your Senior Loved One

The stress of worrying about a senior loved one can be overwhelming. The worry can increase tenfold if they live far away, especially if their physical or mental condition begins to deteriorate. To make life easier, moving closer to them may be a good idea – even if that requires uprooting your business. 

Obviously, the process can be challenging. That’s why we’ve assembled the following guide to help you recognize when you need to move as well as streamline the actual moving process. 

Sudden Weight Loss 

 A sudden loss of weight may indicate your loved one hasn’t been eating properly. It could be a specific medical problem, or it could be that they can’t prepare meals because of difficulty using cooking utensils and appliances. You can do several things to help if you’re close by, such as setting a regular eating schedule. 


Unpaid Bills 

 Suppose your senior loved one forgets to pay bills, makes ill-advised purchases, or needs clarification with their accounts. In that case, it may be time for you to step in and possibly take over their finances by applying for power of attorney.  

Your senior loved one may resist you taking over their finances at first, so be patient. Work with them and respect their decisions. There are several things you can do to make the process less stressful. 



Your loved one may be suffering from incontinence, although it’s unlikely they’ll speak openly about the issue. A quarter to a third of men and women in America suffer from urinary incontinence. If you live closer to your loved one, you can help monitor their condition. 

There are specific things you can do to help them, such as discussing incontinence pads with them. You can also put a toilet sign on the door, especially important when dealing with dementia. Also, make sure their path to the bathroom is clear, as they will often be in a rush to get there. 


Living Options 

There may come a time when your loved one needs to downsize to a smaller home, which could mean selling one home while looking for another. If a smaller house still requires too much maintenance, they may benefit from living in a senior living apartment. These are situated in communities or complexes and are specifically designed with the requirements of elderly adults in mind. If your loved one has an interest in living in a smaller home, you can start searching online by looking at listings to see what is available in their price range. 


The Moving Process 

If you need moving services, you can connect to local movers in your area, but first, look at online reviews before getting a quote and make sure they have experience moving large furniture items. If money is a concern, you can always research which companies are offering deals or credits. 


You can take the headache out of searching for local moving companies by using specific websites that aggregate information on reputable companies. Not only will you find lists of local furniture moving services, but you will also be able to read reviews from others who’ve used them in the past to determine their reliability and professionalism. 


The Reassurance of Being Close  

Knowing that you are close by can make a fantastic impact on your senior loved one’s well-being. While this kind of transition always comes with a certain amount of stress, that can be mitigated by proper planning, as well as the knowledge that you’re making a positive impact on your loved one’s life. 

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