A Diet to Fight Fatigue

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A Diet to Fight Fatigue

Are you feeling tired at 10 AM? Do you wish you were in bed at noon? Are you contemplating the idea of murdering the next person who comments that you “look a bit tired today – is everything OK”? If the answer to at least one of these questions is positive, you might have a problem with chronic fatigue. Feeling exhausted, drained and brain dead is common in this day and age. People work too hard, sleep too little, worry too much and, consequently, walk like zombies in the middle of the day – but here is how you can beat fatigue by altering your diet.

Easy, Ineffective Solutions

When feeling down, most people drink coffee. Caffeine is believed to help us feel rejuvenated, which is why many drink it in the morning, especially after waking up tired. Nevertheless, drinking too much coffee is counterproductive. When consumed in the afternoon or evening, it disrupts your sleep and makes you more tired – and the same goes for energy drinks, too. That is why you should switch to more natural ways to fight off fatigue.

Complex Carbs

Even though the Internet is full of the “why carbs are bad for you” type of articles, not all carbs are bad. Only simple carbs are harmful, and if you eat too much of these – in items such as bread, cookies, pies and pizza – you will not only feel tired, but also gain a lot of weight.

But, once you understand the difference between good and bad carbs, you will realize that the latter are good for you. That is why complex carbs like brown rice, whole wheat, peas and beans are able to provide you with long-lasting energy that helps you get through the day.


Eggs are one of the most popular breakfast choices in the world, but not many people know that this food is a great source of energy as well. They are sometimes considered notorious because of their high level of cholesterol, but nothing bad can happen if you eat them frequently. You can mix eggs with ham, cheese, vegetables or meat, turn them into an omelet, sandwich and salad and be really creative when cooking and serving them.

In addition to this, eggs will give you the fuel needed to survive the day, especially if combined with other fatigue-fighting foods. Since they are rich in protein, eggs give you more energy than carbs and fill your body with all essential amino acids.


This sounds too simple – water is supposed to make me feel less tired? There is nothing magical or refreshing about water! This idea, however, could not be further from the truth. Water is magical in more ways than one and it does in fact provide more energy and has other health benefits as well. When examining scientific evidence behind this notion, we can see why water is such a good friend when fighting fatigue.

It all comes down to hydration – we feel tired because we are dehydrated, so drinking plenty of fluid is the surest way to stay alert. There is no exact way of saying how much water every individual needs on a daily basis, but most people drink about two liters, which is quite enough. By adding more water to your diet, you will feel energized and maintain normal body functions.

Other Suggestions

Although you can be productive even when brain dead, do everything you can to fight fatigue off. In order to do that, eat foods rich in magnesium (almonds, spinach, soy milk, etc.), iron (beef, oysters and lentils) and vitamin B (lean pork, fish or cheese).