Healthy Lee Summertime


Prevention Starts at Home!

Suppertime is more than just a meal in busy families.  It is a time to reconnect, to talk, and, more importantly, to listen.  And while the family meal can be increasingly difficult to schedule, it is becoming increasingly more critical in this time of social media and instant information.  We all know the rules – healthy food, no cell phones, and time for everyone to talk.  What is more important is an atmosphere of give and take, with everyone able to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe space without judgment.  And for many of us, that is a challenge.   

So how can this happen in your home?   

  • Family time does not need to be a traditional mealtime.  Driving to soccer, preparing a meal together, or even a time to turn off the television for an hour can provide an opportunity for sharing.  Your kids can be part of the scheduling discussion 
  • Be constantly aware of the need to listen without judgment – even when kids seem to be disrespectful, they need to be heard 
  • You may need to start the discussion – many families begin by talking about something that happened during the day, good or bad 

An excellent resource for parents is the “Talk They Hear You” Application, which can be accessed at Mobile Application | SAMHSA    This application was developed to help parents and caregivers get informed about underage drinking and substance abuse and to introduce helpful techniques and share resources about taking action about substance abuse. 

~ Executive Director Drug-Free Lee 


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