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Celebrating Resilience and Partnerships at Healthy Lee Coalition

In the face of adversity, communities often come together to overcome challenges and emerge stronger than ever. This spirit of unity, resilience, and partnership was palpable at our recent meeting held at the Heights Community Center. While we gathered not to commemorate Hurricane Ian, which left a lasting impact on our community, we focused on “Reflections” of positive outcomes inspired by teamwork and the incredible synergy of our partners within the Healthy Lee Coalition.

A Diverse and Committed Community

The Healthy Lee Coalition is a cross-sector grassroots effort consisting of over 300 organizations representing social services, government agencies, healthcare, universities, and business professionals. Our shared mission revolves around improving the health and well-being of Lee County residents. We work collaboratively to address the most pressing health needs identified in our triennial Community Health Needs Assessment.

Stories of Resilience and Partnership

During our recent gathering, we were privileged to hear stories that exemplify the power of partnership and resilience:

1. Lee Health Government Relations: Michael Nachef shared an inspiring account of providing Starlink Satellite cellular services to our hardest-hit communities, ensuring that critical communication remained intact during the storm’s aftermath.

2. United Way’s ReUnite Program: Jennifer Carolluzzi recounted a remarkable tale of using the ReUnite program to locate a missing person shortly after the storm began, demonstrating the extraordinary impact of community support.

3. Castle Comfort Homecare: Mack from Castle Comfort Homecare illustrated how their organization, in collaboration with partners, assisted in feeding and providing essential supplies to our community in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

4. Park Royal’s Resiliency Roundup: Jennifer Brady detailed how Park Royal created a Resiliency Roundup, offering mental and behavioral health resources to Fort Myers Beach and Pine Island residents during a time of great need.

5. Healthy Living Collaboration: Leisha Roy and her associates showcased the resilience of their student gardens, with hydroponic lettuce systems still standing tall after the storm, symbolizing the strength of our community’s commitment to sustainability.

The Power of Collaboration

The Healthy Lee Coalition is more than just an organization; it’s a network of passionate individuals and dedicated partners who are making a positive impact on our community. Our meetings serve as a hub for networking and collaboration, bridging the gap between diverse industries and creating opportunities for transformative change.

Join Our Efforts

We extend a warm welcome to like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision and values. Your involvement in the Healthy Lee Coalition can help us continue to fill the gaps in our community and work toward a healthier future.

Contact Cheryl Schlichte at to learn more about Healthy Lee or express your interest in joining our coalition. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient Lee County, where partnerships flourish and our community thrives.

Thank you to all of our members, partners, and the incredible leadership of Jen Hagen. Your dedication and commitment continue to drive positive change in our beloved community. Let’s keep working together to create a healthier and more vibrant Lee County for all.


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