Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Going Broke

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Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Going Broke
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Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Going Broke

Being overweight can be hard on your body, resulting in a lot of health problems and even reducing your sleep quality. But if losing weight were easy, everyone would be slim, right? Well, good news! Losing weight is easy if you have the right tools and information. Here are some simple and frugal ideas to help drop those extra pounds and inches.

Add Ten

One of the keys to losing weight is burning more calories, which translates to exercise. If you haven’t been working out, that can sound pretty daunting. But as Oprah.com explains, just 10 minutes a day is enough to get you into better condition. You don’t even have to work that hard, as a “mall-pace” is sufficient. Take a short walk around your neighborhood or walk in place while you’re making dinner — a little exercise is a good thing, and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime!

Grab a Friend

One of the things that keeps many of us from exercising is motivation. If you lack incentive, why not grab a buddy for those neighborhood strolls? Having a workout partner is loaded with benefits. It’s far more fun, you can spot-check each other if you’re trying new things, and you can support each other in the quest for better health.

Professional Motivation

Want fitness input from a pro? Hiring a personal trainer is another way to give your workout regimen a boost. You can get a 30-minute session for as little as $25. Getting feedback from a trainer is a great way to boost your motivation, give you more confidence in your routine, and help you avoid injury. To keep your spending in check, a once- or twice-per-month session can be enough to keep you inspired without blowing your budget.

Add a Tracker

Rather than the ongoing expense of a personal trainer, many people are opting for the one-time investment of a fitness tracker these days. Trackers like the Apple Smart Watch have so many bells and whistles that it’s almost like having a personal trainer on your wrist. In some ways, they are even better since they can do things like monitor sleep quality and heart rate. You can even search for refurbished versions from websites such as Rakuten and stretch your dollars even further with Apple discounts and cashback offers.

Feel Full

Exercising isn’t the only way to drop those extra pounds; in fact, the Mayo Clinic says it’s probably more important to cut calories than go to the gym. Of course, that’s the other conundrum that keeps people from slimming down, but there are simple solutions.

Nobody wants to feel hungry, so the easiest thing to do is up your intake of foods that help you feel full and provide ample nutrition without a lot of calories. These would be sources of lean protein, foods with high fiber and low in calories, and foods full of water or air. Oatmeal, eggs, soups, Greek yogurt, and green salads are just a few examples of foods that would fit the bill, yet they won’t contribute to an out-of-sight grocery bill.

On the flip side, some foods will leave you wanting more. It’s important to avoid foods that contain empty calories and are highly processed. For instance, foods with high-fructose corn syrup, bleached flour, and added salt and sugar can have you craving more because of how your body processes them. You’ll burn right through those empty calories, whereas the protein, fiber, and bulk in healthier options will help you stay satisfied.

Ready to drop those unwanted pounds and inches the easy way? Spend 10 minutes a day moving more, add a motivator to your workout sessions, and eat foods that keep you feeling satisfied. You’ll be slimmer without batting an eye, and without going broke!