We’ve Walked to the Moon

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Lee County Logs More than ¼ Million Miles in 30 Days

Lee County has walked to the moon (239,000 miles) and then some – at least in distance – since Jan. 9 when Healthy Lee issued the official Million Mile Movement challenge to the community. More than 2,700 individuals have joined the challenge so far, and have logged over 256,000 miles in the first 30 days. Businesses, civic groups, faith groups and individuals are tracking the number of miles they move until March 31, in an effort to meet Healthy Lee’s challenge.

The challenge is open to all Lee County residents and businesses to encourage the community to get active, thereby supporting Healthy Lee’s mission to empower and inspire healthy lifestyle choices through education and action. Whether you walk, run, bike, swim or participate in other aerobic activities that energize your body and mind, every step counts—for yourself and our community.

“We are excited to see the enthusiasm of the community to get moving to better health,” says Christin Collins, co-chair of the Million Mile Movement and health and wellness business partner for Lee Health. “Most people don’t move enough unless they purposely resolve to do so; the Million Mile Movement is a challenge to do just that,” Collins adds.

With nearly two months remaining in the challenge, some teams have already me (or are very near) their original goal set during the kickoff in January. Physicians Primary Care set out to log 11,000 miles, but the team has already well surpassed that goal, logging 17,000+ miles! Edison National Bank has surpassed its goal of 5,000 miles, and they are still going strong. At the 30-day mark, Lee County Schools showed 23,928 miles on the Million Mile Movement Leaderboard – just 1,072 miles shy of their goal.

Your help is needed; we still need another 750,000 miles. Join in the challenge at www.HealthyLee.com. Get your family and friends to join, too, and create, or join an existing team. Set a goal, then get moving, and track your miles on the website. If you already have a regular activity routine, join the challenge and log your miles. If walking is not your thing – the website has an Activity Conversion Chart to help you convert your favorite activity into miles.

If you don’t exercise regularly, use the Million Mile Movement as a jumpstart to a new routine. Find something you like to do, and commit to finding the time to take care of yourself.  Although this challenge is to move 1,000,000 miles, the ultimate goal is a healthier community.