Health is Wealth Workshop

Promoting access to healthcare providers and healthcare plans

This 1 – 2 hour workshop, a collaboration of our Healthy Lee Lifestyle Coalition’s Access to Healthcare Subcommittee, yields impactful results.

The workshop consists of a 45 - 60 minute presentation including:

  • The importance of seeking healthcare and having a primary care physician.
  • A review of the different chronic diseases and the specialists available to treat them.
  • A health insurance informational session explaining why individuals should seek insurance.
  • An HPCSWFL Insurance Navigator explains the different levels offered through the Marketplace also known as the Affordable Care Act, possibly at no cost.
  • A scheduler may be available to assist with scheduling physician appointments and provide office locations of physicians accepting new patients.
Navigators are available after the presentation to help people with enrollment applications or to answer questions. They also provide outreach, education, and other help during and after enrollment.

If you’d like to schedule a Health is Wealth Workshop in your area, contact: for a comprehensive event planning session.