Community Resources for Resilience, Support and Well-Being

Sometimes, life gets tough. Circumstances can change without warning, and it can be hard to bounce back during difficult times. The Healthy Lee Behavioral Health Coalition’s new initiative, Healthy Minds, can provide you with valuable resources and support as you cope with your own unique challenges.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many have experienced a change in employment through no fault of their own, leading to financial strain. Parents have found themselves spread thin and struggling to juggle the demands of working a full-time job against the need to homeschool young children. People feel more isolated and less in control of their lives. Still more are reeling from a scary medical diagnosis or fear of infection. And some are grieving the recent loss of a loved one or family home.

It can feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, but you are not alone.

Healthy Minds brings together a diverse network of professional resources, educational events, complimentary mental health screenings, and useful tools and techniques to help you gain resilience and overcome whatever adversity or trauma is facing you today.

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Resources for Resilience, Support and Wellbeing

Get connected with help by using this comprehensive listing of free mental health resources.

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Complimentary Screenings

Stay tuned for local educational opportunities and free mental health screenings.
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Would you like to learn how to move toward your life goals and improve your overall wellbeing? Our Resiliency Toolkit has practical strategies that will help you reduce anxiety and feel better.

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