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The Lift Program is a 10 week program that provides lessons, learning and challenges to increase happiness. We have piloted this project with 60 community members and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. By reframing the way a person thinks about all aspects of life, it has been scientifically proven that there is a 30% increase in happiness for participants. The next session is starting January 2021, for more information on how to participate please register by clicking here.

Ten fascinating lessons are included in this online educational adventure designed to lift your mood and your life:

Your Limbo is Listening

Motion Creates Emotion

Blue & Green be Often Seen

Together Feels Better

Feelings Follow Your Focus

Food Feeds Your Mood

Rest to Feel Your Best

Stress Less

Giving is Living

What Does it Take to Flourish?

Creator of The Lift Project.
Internationally recognised Lifestyle Medicine expert.


The goal of The Lift Project is to lift 10 million lives!

It will achieve this by lifting those who participate in the Project and by donating profits to initiatives that support human health, happiness and hope around the globe. That is something to be happy about!


When & Where

Dates and Locations Coming Soon!

For more information, please call (239) 468-0050.