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New Healthy Minds initiative offers support for emotional impacts of COVID-19 in SWFL

New initiative helps with emotional impacts of COVID-19

In response to the emotional impacts of COVID-19, 17 behavioral health organizations across Lee and Collier counties have partnered to launch a new community initiative, called Healthy Minds.

Source: FOX4Now.com | By: Noelani Mathews

Normal is Overrated

The Normal is Overrated event is organized in partnership with the Healthy Lee Behavioral Health Coalition of SWFL and will include live talks by local students sharing their thoughts and experiences with student mental and behavioral health.

Normal is Overrated is an opportunity to create a space in our community that allows for open, supportive conversations to occur and to help others who are experiencing similar struggles. The event intends to reduce stigma and create awareness surrounding mental and behavioral health challenges faced by students both locally and globally. Audience members will hear insightful stories from local teens who have experienced mental illness in a welcoming and informed environment. Join us for this exceptional event.

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Our Purpose: To help educate members of the Lee County community on healthy habits that can be applied to the entire family in order to improve their health and wellness.

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